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5 Jul

5 tips to Photo-Ready Skin


If one thing’s certain about going to any evening event… it’s flash photography! Which begs the question – is your skin ready for a close up? Gorgeously radiant skin is the ultimate accessory for any event, so we developed our essential go-to-guide to achieve beautiful photo perfect skin in time for your next big event.

Are you a smooth operator? Any gorgeous masterpiece starts with a flawless canvas. Perfect your base with a quality exfoliant by buffing away dead skin cells, brightening pigmentation and regulating oil flow. Use an effective chermical exfoliant like ASI’s Pure Pro Exfoliant, with powerful ingredients like salicyclic and glycolic acid that will work to gently clear up your skin woes and detox your pores, ready for those flashing lights!

Correct, not conceal. Unlike our favourite celebrities, we don’t have a bevy of beauty professionals on hand to fix our skin woes (or to photoshop them into oblivion afterwards). Banish blemishes before they happen (and minimize the damage when they do) with a smart skin care regime and effective spot treatment. We love ASI’s Clearing Lotion which eradicates acne spots as they appear. For extra TLC, try an Advanced Skin treatment like a combination of LED Light Therapy with ASI Pro Peels for results you’ll have to see to believe!

Get the glow. A glowing complexion is the perfect shortcut to camera ready gorgeous. Nourish your skin from the inside out with gorgeous cosmeceutical products which help you boost your skins natural radiance. Add ASI’s Intensive Daily Multivitamin to your routine – the pure, potent Vitamin C brightens and repairs overnight, so you can wake up to healthier skin long after your big event.

Enhance your assets.  Your skin has been prepped and primed and now it’s time to enhance it. Mineral makeup is an absolute must-have for a lasting, luminous, and shine free finish that is actually good for your skin. Your skin absorbs absolutely everything (yes everything!) it comes into contact with – so make sure you use products that is actually good for it! ASI’s Loose Mineral Foundation provides a buildable coverage which won’t clog your pores and contains no nasties like Bismuth Oxychloride or talc.

Bronze, Bronze, Bronze. What is a night with out a gorgeously golden tan? Spray tans have come a long way. Gone are the orange, streaky finishes of yesteryear and in are organic, green-based tans that will give you a natural, olive colour – reminiscent of a tropical island getaway! Brazilian Beauty Spray Tnas come in a range of shades plus you can choose from a rapid 2 hour tan up to overnight developing 8 hour tan.

Looking and feeling gorgeous for your next big event starts with a naturally radiant complexion. Get ready for your next party, formal or wedding with Brazilian Beauty for guaranteed photo friendly gorgeousness.

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