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Category: Fashion

4 Dec

Dear Santa

dear santa
Dear Santa,  All I want for Christmas is the perfect vintage outfit. Modern, simple but elegant.   Ok, so you have over heard your friend tell Santa what she wants for Christmas, you know her style but unfortunately you aren't into the same fashion sense as she is into so, what do you do? where do you start? Now let's calm down and breathe, take a moment and think. It's the Christmas season so let's choose a bright colour, red! You can NEVER go wrong with red! Red dresses are popular during the Christmas season. Next we look into the accessories - this is the fun part! I'd look into accessories that can go with anything so consider black shoes, consider a hat, a chunky necklace and a...
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30 Nov

Tis the season to be Jolly

Tis the season to be Jolly! Can you believe it? Christmas 2017 is near! Christmas is everyone's favourite time of year and to celebrate the festivities we are showing off some of our favourite Christmas fashion styles for every market! C'mon! We put effort into our homes, we put the effort into our food so why not put some effort into the way we dress this Christmas season? This Christmas, we are going to look at accessories, bags, shoes, makeup and so much more!    ...
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10 Sep

Art Deco Fashion – The Great Gatsby Era

art deco 1
Ahhh Art Deco, the era of the Great Gatsby where women would wear feathers in their hair and dress that would just sparkle! Art Deco has been majorly influenced by Hollywood, during the depression years of the 1930's. The Art Deco look has also influenced some of the most popular styles ever. A while back I came across this stunning video on YouTube published by Aaron1912 I really wanted to share with you all.
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18 Jul

Summer, Bridesmaids & Patterns

pinup bridesmaid
You're having a Summer wedding and you want your lovely bridesmaids to stand out from the crowd, are you crazy to put your girls in patterns? I don't think so! Patterns are a retro girl's best friend, patterns are a significant trend of the rockabilly fashion that portrays a sexier versions of the 1950's housewife. Luckily most pin up girls love showing off skin so you shouldn't have any problems choosing besides, the last thing you need on your big day are your girls dying from heat stroke. Unique Vintage Darcy 50's Dress Atomic Cherry  Just Like Art 1950s Inspired Swing Dress Dressific Hell Bunny Plus Size Pin Up Black and Red Cordelia Poppy Dress Unique Vintage 50's Audrey Cream Floral Swing Dress Cherri Lane...
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11 Jul

Wedding Ideas for the Vintage Bride

Your wedding day is about you and your groom, the groom fell in love with who you are so why should you ditch your style for the big day! Are you a modern vintage lover? Wanting to mix your style in with bridal but you are having a mental block of where to look? Don't worry, Formal Formula and her team of modern vintage retailers have got you covered. Bowerbird Vintage - 1960s Wedding dress This beautiful 1960’s vintage white wedding dress features a wide boat neckline, full length sleeves, and made using a silk like fabric.  2. Dressific - 1950s Vintage Style Off Shoulder Floral Dress This unique lace up, off the shoulder gown will have your guests starring. Made from mesh and cotton with a mixture of...
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4 Jul

Ditch the Skirt

Ladies, why don't we ditch the skirts and put on the pants?! There is something sexy about a woman wearing trousers. During the war days, high-waisted trousers became more of a prerequisite and was admired by early Hollywood fans. The influence came from Hollywood star Katherine Hepburn. Hepburn cross-dressing alter ego caught the attention of Marlene Dietrich who then made women's 'pants' popular.  Ever since, pants have been popular amongst the Modern Vintage ladies. Lets face it, skirts can be dreadful particularly when it comes to finding the right skirt for our body shape. So no matter what size  or shape you are, pants will always boost a woman's confidence by giving us that fitted look. So thinking of ditching the skirt? Purchase your pants through Bowerbird...
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3 Jul

The Corporate Makeup Look; Modern Vintage

You don't need to look like Dita Von Teese to get a promotion at work, the pin-up look is quite simple and elegant. Most modern vintage lovers prefer matte foundation, bright lips, brows and of course eye-liner. So where to start? Start with a foundation that suits your skin tone, apply powder to give it the extra matte finish. If you are wanting your cheeks to stand out apply some highlight. Next, apply blush- look for a bright pink blush but don't apply too much! I know, it is already hard enough to get up at 6am and the struggle of organising breakfast can be a challenge but if you want to get rid of that tired look consider applying some light eye shadow. Start...
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29 Jun

TGIF Tips.

Thank God It's Friday! A phase that pops into everyone's head! So what do you do when it's Friday? Well, besides having a good glass of wine. From what I am aware of most business places have 'casual Fridays' Even though the day has been given a title doesn't mean you walk in to the workplace looking like a complete dag. There is a time and place for that and it's called home (ahhh and we are most likely recovering from the night before) So here are our top 5 Thank God It's Friday Tips! Understand what's appropriate on Casual Friday Don't clash your patterns, if you are wanting to throw in patterned material look at adding a hair accessory Wear your makeup like any other work day Throw in...
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