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Category: Fashion

27 Jun

Pins, Rollers, Pin Up!

When I say pin-up what do you think? I think curls, glam and hair accessories! In the 1940s when modern vintage was a part of the era, actresses such as Betty Page, Zoe Mozart, Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable were women young girls would look up too and now they are women we admire particularly over the way they dressed. Classy, Sophisticated and Strong. Embracing it as a way to express femininity. The modern vintage look is so unique, particularly the hairstyles. All Class - Bridal Pin Up 2. The Vintage Up Do 3. Retro Rolls ...
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25 Jun

The Corporate Pin Up Girl

It is already hard enough to get up on a Monday morning and go to work, let alone dressing all corporate like. Do you ever wonder how far is too far if you were to mix it up by incorporating your style? To keep it classy and sophisticated it is important to keep the cleavage to a minimum and try to wear more basic colours rather patterns. If you are still stressing and not sure if your wardrobe is appropriately suited than fear no more modern vintage lovers Atomic Cherry has you covered.   Steady Clothing Sarina Pencil Skirt - Black / White Shop Here: Atomic Cherry     Chic Star 1940's High Waisted Trousers - Black Shop Here: Atomic Cherry     Chic Star Victoria Steampunk Top Shop Here: Atomic Cherry     Hell Bunny Wendi Cardigan -...
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18 Jun

Style says who you are.

Rachel Zoe once said 'Style says who you are, without having to speak it' so what is your fashion style? Chic, Bohemian, Vintage or Goth? I believe fashion can create a story or a theme, I also believe fashion can create the assumption of one's personality to strangers. For example, you have a western style so you might be drawn to rodeo. There are many styles out there, to be honest I didn't realise how many styles there were until I began Formal Formula. I truly think it is wonderful and I respect those who wear a particular style because it speaks who they are and because of this I have decided to change a few things with Formal Formula. Every 3 months I will be focusing on a different...
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9 Jan

Gothic Makeup Tips

We all know goths express themselves through makeup and clothes however how dark is too dark when it comes to makeup? Gothic or not we all hate looking like we've been punched in the eye! Get that look right girl! So, if you are just getting started this article is for you. Eye makeup Choose a dramatic look or compliment your eyes with a unique look using eyeliner only. Combining colours is common but choose to use colours that work well together. Foundation Goths tend to choose a very light foundation, usually choosing a foundation or powder that is 2 shades lighter than their natural skin colours. Depending on how gothic you want to look there is probably no need to use bronzer (that's too girly...
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5 Jan

Bohemian Vibes

Bohemian Fashion, it consists of loose and colourful clothing some may consider it as the 'hippie style' or something that Gypsies may wear. The Bohemian style has been around for many years now, many wear this style in today's society. If you are a Bohemian Chick and have a special occasion coming up then this article is perfect for you! Here is Formal Formula's Bohemian Styles ideas in formal attire. ...
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2 Jan

Work To Date Fashion Wear

So you've been asked out on a date and the only time you have available is on a work night, so what do you do? You pack your makeup in a travel bag so you can freshen your makeup look before you head out however rather than carting around a suitcase, wear an outfit that is comfortable at work but also suited for dinner. Here are Formal Formula's top 3 transitional looks. We all love to follow fashion bloggers! 2. A great presenter always knows how to dress to impress 3. Dressing for work doesn't mean you need to be the boring plain Jane, dress it up and express yourself through clothing! ...
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7 Dec

I’ll Stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour..

Welcome to the world of darkness, where we associates gothic with destruction, death and mysterious. The gothic trend is found is many countries, it actually began in England during the 1980s. For a while the gothic fashion was limited, it typically included women and males with black hair, black makeup, black clothes and with a pale complexion. With only a limited amount of stores, the gothic fashion trend is expanding and today, Gothic fashion is seen in all styles of fashion; Formal, Bridal, Corporate, Casual and even designers such as Alexander McQueen are incorporating fashion into their designs....
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27 Nov

Revival of the Corset

The corset, a statement piece that when dressed correctly can achieve a stunning stand out look that channels vintage tastes and style. The origin of the corset is unknown, however some preserved corset shaped items date back to the 16th Century, although the corset didn't present as a fashion accessory until the 18th Century. Back then, it was a 'must', and would be worn daily to alter the natural shape of the bod with its strong materials, pushing up the bust line and constricting the waist line to have a much smaller appearance, resulting in an extreme hourglass figure. Thankfully today's corset is far more of a fashion statement, as we are allowed to breathe! The materials used in today's corsets are...
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21 Nov

Travel in Style

You have your outfit all picked out, you know when and where you need to be, now all that is left is working out HOW to get there? What a better way to do it than in style, after all, these nights are ones to remember! Private Car A private car will give you a low-key and intimate ride to your special occasion. If you would prefer to arrive with just your partner, or perhaps a couple of close friends, this would be the way to go. Not everyone wants to co-ordinate with a large group of people and that's okay! Everyone has their own style, don't be afraid to plan your night according to what you want, after all it's your...
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