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Category: Beauty

9 Jan

Gothic Makeup Tips

We all know goths express themselves through makeup and clothes however how dark is too dark when it comes to makeup? Gothic or not we all hate looking like we've been punched in the eye! Get that look right girl! So, if you are just getting started this article is for you. Eye makeup Choose a dramatic look or compliment your eyes with a unique look using eyeliner only. Combining colours is common but choose to use colours that work well together. Foundation Goths tend to choose a very light foundation, usually choosing a foundation or powder that is 2 shades lighter than their natural skin colours. Depending on how gothic you want to look there is probably no need to use bronzer (that's too girly...
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2 Dec

Nail Envy

You're never fully dressed without your nails being done just the way you like them. There are a few design styles and shapes that are trending at the moment, and all of them are able to be 'tweaked' to reflect your own personal style and take. Simply ask your nail technician to recommend the most flattering to your nail and hand. One of the trending shapes is the 'square' shape, which is a classic shape, but can be modernised with the colour and designs that you dress them with. The 'square' shape is also a good style to go with if you have a very active lifestyle as it is a strong shape, this will make breakages less likely. Another trending shape...
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23 Nov

Dramatic Colour

Thinking about making a dramatic hair colour change? Formal Formula has you covered! The latest trend in beauty is wild coloured hair! Everyone has it, from Kelly Osbourne in pastel pink to Katy Perry rocking out vibrant blue! Here are Formal Formula's top 3 commandments for funky wild hair! Know yourself. Not only do you need the confidence but you also need to understand your skin tone as well as your hair's texture. Lifestyle. As dorky as it sounds but your lifestyle does count, unfortunately a lot of people judge and work places in particular will not accept certain hairstyles. So before jumping on board, sit down and ask yourself, is this worth the argument with my boss? Is this hairstyle appropriate for...
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15 Nov

Refined & Defined

Mick, Owner of Stay Local tells Formal Formula what the latest trends are for men's hair. There are two popular styles trending at the moment. Shaved in side part- this is a modern take on the classic 50's corporate New York cut (as seen on Donald Draper in Mad Men) the modern style of today takes it a lot shorter on the sides and shaves right up to the point of the part which begins at the curve of the forehead. Some use a track to really place emphasis on the part. Slick back undercut - This is a classic take on WW2 era haircut. Basically both sides are shaved tight to the skin and taken up on both sides to the point...
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5 Jul

5 tips to Photo-Ready Skin

If one thing’s certain about going to any evening event… it’s flash photography! Which begs the question – is your skin ready for a close up? Gorgeously radiant skin is the ultimate accessory for any event, so we developed our essential go-to-guide to achieve beautiful photo perfect skin in time for your next big event. Are you a smooth operator? Any gorgeous masterpiece starts with a flawless canvas. Perfect your base with a quality exfoliant by buffing away dead skin cells, brightening pigmentation and regulating oil flow. Use an effective chermical exfoliant like ASI’s Pure Pro Exfoliant, with powerful ingredients like salicyclic and glycolic acid that will work to gently clear up your skin woes and detox your pores, ready for...
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17 Dec

“Dreams do come true”

Leading Australian beauty salon franchise Brazilian Beauty is continuing to build its reputation as a leader in the industry, with its 20th salon set to open on Saturday, 13 December. The milestone store, located in north Brisbane suburb Albany Creek, will be co-owned by Brazilian Beauty CFO and existing franchisee, Julie Wright and one of the business’ longest-standing therapists, Briege McGrath. Co-owning a Brazilian Beauty salon is a “dream come true” for Irish-born Briege, who started her journey with the franchise while backpacking through Australia is 2005. Briege thrived in her role at Brazilian Beauty, which at the time had only been operating for one year after opening its first salon in New Farm in 2004. At the end of her six-month working visa,...
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