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Category: Hair

5 Jul

The History of the Beard

2014 and the beard is definitely back. Yes, the beard is back. It seems like everywhere you look these days, the era of the clean shaven man is well and truly over. The new beard fad has taken the world by storm, from Brooklyn, NYC to Melbourne, Australia. Proctor & Gamble have actually lost an average of 12% earnings over the last few quarters, this they blame largely on the lack of men shaving. Where have all these beards come from? Beards have been around since the dawn of man, seen as symbols of masculinity, power and wealth, through to shame and dishonour. Scientists believe that prehistoric men grew beards as a survival mechanism to keep them warm, it cushioned or protected them...
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5 Nov

Jimmy Rod’s opens 8th shop!

Today, Wednesday 5th of November Jimmy Rod's Barber Shop opens its eighth shop! Located in Brisbane's north, Nundah Village Jimmy and Mick aim to give the north side it's best barber shop. Accommodating to the every day man Jimmy Rod's Barber Shop provides stylish barber cuts, traditional shaves and for the older audience refreshing beverages. So head down to Jimmy Rods now! No appointments, walk in only. Also located in Oxley, The Gap Village, Gasworks Newstead, The Barracks, Albert St, Brisbane City and Calamvale.      ...
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18 Sep

Refined & Defined

Mick, General Manager of Jimmy Rods tells Formal Formula what the latest trends are for men’s hair. There are two popular styles trending at the moment. 1. Shaved in side part – this is a modern take on the classic 50's corporate New York cut (as seen on Donald draper in Mad Men) the modern style of today takes it a lot shorter on the sides and shaves right up to the point of the part which begins at the curve of the forehead. Some use a track to really place emphasis on the part. 2. Slick back undercut (worn at the moment by Brad Pitt) – This is a classic take on the WW2 era haircut. Basically, both sides are shaved tight...
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