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23 Jul

A Look into Modern Vintage Bouquets

Your wedding bouquet is one of the most important accessories for your big day. Many brides focus on the look of their bouquet and will usually match it with the theme of their wedding including the style of dress. So what kind of 'Modern Vintage' wedding are you having? 1920s, 1950s or 1970s? Luckily many modern vintage brides will all go with a similar bouquet look no matter what era they are attracted too. Here are my top 4 favourite Modern Vintage Bouquet looks. 1. Thriving in beauty with a mix of pinks and reds. 2. A bouquet suited for Summer weddings with a mixed of calming colours.  3. The perfect bouquet for a Winter wedding, mixed with dramatic colours. 4. Simple and Elegant - perfect if...
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30 May

Quick Tips for Great Hair.

Everybody is different some have thick hair, some have fine or maybe you're like me where your hair is so thick and wavy it gets knotty very easily. The last thing you want to stress about is your hair so it is best if you have a look at Pinterest and get some ideas of what you want for your big day. Do this at least 8-10 months prior. Leading up to the big day I let my hair grow, besides getting rid of those nasty grey roots I didn't do anything to it. I know, a bit scruffy yeh? Well, I'm glad I did it. My hair grew long enough to do a beautiful up-do which consisted of A LOT of...
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28 May

Diaries of a Bride

If I could describe the life of a bride-to-be I would describe it as stressful, overwhelming but also exciting. You spend months planning your wedding and once the day arrives it goes by so quickly. Because I have been there done that, I wanted to share some helpful tips that a bride-to-be could use. The first thing I did before planning my wedding is that I went down to my local shopping centre and bought a wedding planner diary from Kikki.k - I was amazed it had everything I needed! What needed to be done, timeframes and so much more. Highly recommend! Following my wedding planner journal at least 12 months prior to my wedding I found my dress - well, I didn't find...
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16 Nov

Top 5 Beauty Must Do’s

That special day has arrived, you're dolled up with glitz and glamour, that pimple you've been freaking out about for 5 days is disguised perfectly, and we're pretty sure the guys think this all took about half hour to put together just before you arrived. To look your best on your big day, preparation is key and it goes more than skin deep. You should maintain a regular skin care routine, preferably starting a few months out. But if you've left this too late, then don't make any drastic changes to avoid upsetting the balance of your skin. It is never too late to drink plenty of water, eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep though. We've asked beauty therapist, Moyra...
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