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4 Dec

Dear Santa

dear santa

Dear Santa, 

All I want for Christmas is the perfect vintage outfit. Modern, simple but elegant.


Ok, so you have over heard your friend tell Santa what she wants for Christmas, you know her style but unfortunately you aren’t into the same fashion sense as she is into so, what do you do? where do you start?

Now let’s calm down and breathe, take a moment and think. It’s the Christmas season so let’s choose a bright colour, red! You can NEVER go wrong with red! Red dresses are popular during the Christmas season.

Next we look into the accessories – this is the fun part! I’d look into accessories that can go with anything so consider black shoes, consider a hat, a chunky necklace and a light coloured purse. Accessories shouldn’t belong to just ‘one’ outfit they should mix and match with all.

And WAH-LA there is your outfit. Your friend will love you!




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