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4 Jul

Ditch the Skirt


Ladies, why don’t we ditch the skirts and put on the pants?! There is something sexy about a woman wearing trousers.

During the war days, high-waisted trousers became more of a prerequisite and was admired by early Hollywood fans. The influence came from Hollywood star Katherine Hepburn. Hepburn cross-dressing alter ego caught the attention of Marlene Dietrich who then made women’s ‘pants’ popular.  Ever since, pants have been popular amongst the Modern Vintage ladies.

Lets face it, skirts can be dreadful particularly when it comes to finding the right skirt for our body shape. So no matter what size  or shape you are, pants will always boost a woman’s confidence by giving us that fitted look.

So thinking of ditching the skirt? Purchase your pants through Bowerbird Vintage.




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