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23 Nov

Dramatic Colour


Thinking about making a dramatic hair colour change? Formal Formula has you covered! The latest trend in beauty is wild coloured hair! Everyone has it, from Kelly Osbourne in pastel pink to Katy Perry rocking out vibrant blue!

Here are Formal Formula’s top 3 commandments for funky wild hair!

Know yourself. Not only do you need the confidence but you also need to understand your skin tone as well as your hair’s texture.

Lifestyle. As dorky as it sounds but your lifestyle does count, unfortunately a lot of people judge and work places in particular will not accept certain hairstyles. So before jumping on board, sit down and ask yourself, is this worth the argument with my boss? Is this hairstyle appropriate for this stage in my life?

Stay on top of things. Okay, so you did it! You are now the next Katy Perry. Now all you have to do is keep up with your appearance. Ink hair colours can run easily and quickly turn from fab to drab. So once it starts to fade, book in for a redo. What a waste of time and money it would be if you let it go.

We highly recommend you talk to a professional to see what colour suits your skin tone, and the costs involved to keep your new look to ensure you can sustain it.

Now that you’ve gone rockstar, why not compliment your new style with a dramatic makeup look! Bright eyes, luscious lips and glowing cheekbones – a look that is hot when done right! Ladies, it is time to stand out in the crowd!

Makeup brands such as Jeffree Star have got us starring! The colours are so vibrant and eclectic. So who is Jeffree Star? A man with confidence, style and individuality and at Formal Formula that is what we love!

Have fun!

Formal Formula
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