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2 Dec

Nail Envy


You’re never fully dressed without your nails being done just the way you like them. There are a few design styles and shapes that are trending at the moment, and all of them are able to be ‘tweaked’ to reflect your own personal style and take. Simply ask your nail technician to recommend the most flattering to your nail and hand.

One of the trending shapes is the ‘square’ shape, which is a classic shape, but can be modernised with the colour and designs that you dress them with. The ‘square’ shape is also a good style to go with if you have a very active lifestyle as it is a strong shape, this will make breakages less likely.

Another trending shape is the ‘cat claw’ or ‘pointed’ shape. It is a modern and quirky look when partnered with bright colours and designs can really pack a punch and stand out in a crowd. Be careful when wearing this style though, as when the sides of your nail are filed away it can make your nails weaker so keep in mind to avoid a nasty break!

Once you’ve selected your shape, then comes the fun part with selecting your colour, designs and embellishments. There are so many different colours and design options to choose from that you can easily turn nice nails to outstanding statements. You can go dramatic by adding gems, stars or flowers to all of the nails or you can keep an air of elegancy by choosing just one nail to embellish.

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