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15 Nov

Refined & Defined


Mick, Owner of Stay Local tells Formal Formula what the latest trends are for men’s hair.

There are two popular styles trending at the moment.

  1. Shaved in side part- this is a modern take on the classic 50’s corporate New York cut (as seen on Donald Draper in Mad Men) the modern style of today takes it a lot shorter on the sides and shaves right up to the point of the part which begins at the curve of the forehead. Some use a track to really place emphasis on the part.
  2. Slick back undercut – This is a classic take on WW2 era haircut. Basically both sides are shaved tight to the skin and taken up on both sides to the point of the part.Long lengths club cut on top slick back away from the forehead tight as possible to the scalp. The weight in the top will create volume and lift which is desired for the style.

We also asked Mick for styling tips – just in case your partner forgets how.

For styling the side part use a natural finish product for a textured messier look. For the classic look use a pomade with shine.

Blow drying would be ideal but for a basic styling simply towel dry your hair and distribute your product through your hair pushing away and up at a 45 degree angle away from the forehead and opposite from the parting.

For the slick back undercut the same applies for choice of product, but just run your hands and product straight back through the hair pressing down as tight to the scalp as possible. It will naturally lift for volume.

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