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29 Jun

TGIF Tips.


Thank God It’s Friday! A phase that pops into everyone’s head!

So what do you do when it’s Friday? Well, besides having a good glass of wine. From what I am aware of most business places have ‘casual Fridays’ Even though the day has been given a title doesn’t mean you walk in to the workplace looking like a complete dag. There is a time and place for that and it’s called home (ahhh and we are most likely recovering from the night before)

So here are our top 5 Thank God It’s Friday Tips!

  1. Understand what’s appropriate on Casual Friday
  2. Don’t clash your patterns, if you are wanting to throw in patterned material look at adding a hair accessory
  3. 7105-lemonade-hairtie-printWear your makeup like any other work day
  4. Throw in some bright clothes – bright colours are fun and cheerful!
    ramona wiggle dress9
  5. Throw away the heals the tough days are done so put on some flats – well kept and polished!

Even though casual Friday screams weekend, it is important to always look your best no matter what style you are into because you never know who is watching.

Image Source and Products found at: Blame Betty

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